About Monroe

I am a 28 year old vintage lover from North Carolina. I always dreamed of living in NYC like Carrie from SATC. I know its cliche but that show is really what inspired me to move to NYC. I love watching Carrie in her vintage a-line skirts and killer heels run around NYC doing all the amazing things. My passion for vintage started about 10 years ago in North Carolina where I loved visiting thrift and vintage stores and collection tons of vintage clutches, skirts and hats. Eventually I made my way to the fashion capital of American and have discoverd lots of hidden gems in the city for great thrift and vintage finds. I am a lover of affordable fashion but will drop some serious dough on shoes. I just want to share my passion for fashion, thrifting and vintage clothing!
If you want to know where to thrift and vintage shop in New York City check out my
 Thrift and the City Tour and my
eBOOK: Thrift and the City: A Guide to New York City Thrift and Vintage Shopping.